Triphenyl phosphite (TPP)

Triphenyl phosphite (TPP)

Tri Phenyl Phosphite (TPP) is a clear liquid, used as a performance additive to improve the colour and clarity of alkyd resin, unsaturated polyester resin and various industrial oils during their manufacture.

The manufacture of various resins involves the use of high temperatures, usually in excess of 150° C. At these temperature the reaction mass tends to get coloured due to oxidation. Tri Phenyl Phosphite acts as an anti-oxidant and prevents colour formation of the finished product, as a result of which better quality resins are obtained.


Industry Uses
Paint, Coating, Ink Used as stabilizer
Polymers (including) Adhesives, Styrenics, Engineering, Thermoplastics, Polymers Used to regulate Viscosity and improve colour stability
Polyolefins Used as catalyst
Polyurethane hot melt adhesives, SBR Rubber, Epoxies Used to prevent scorching during curing and improve colour stability
Pharmaceutical Intermediate Used in Manufacture of 3-C-7 ACCA, Cephalosporin Drugs and Cefexime Formulation


Parameters TPP
Structure (C6H5O)3 P
CAS No (101-02-0)
Category Stabilizer
Form Clear, colorless to faint yellow Liquid
Color 50 Apha Max
Specific gravity at 25 °C 1.180-1.186
Acidic Value, mg KOH / gm 0.5 max
Refractive Index at 25 °C 1.580-1.589.
Phosphorous Content % 9.8-10.1
Freezing point °C 22-24