Tri Nonyl Phenyl Phosphite

Tri Nonyl Phenyl Phosphite

Tri Nonyl phenyl phosphite is a clear viscous hydrolytically stable liquid. It is used as an anti-oxidant for various types of polymers, especially in non-toxic applications such as PVC bottles, food wrapping, sealing gaskets for food containers etc.

In combination with phenolic anti-oxidants it provides good synergism to the polymer.

It provides excellent protection against thermal degradation in polymers and rubbers. It is used in Nitrile, SBR and EPDM type of rubbers as a polymer stabilizer along with epoxidised oils.


Food packaging, adhesives, latexes, plastic, polyesters, rubber as stabilizers and anti-oxidant. In PVC calendering operations and in the manufacture of PVC Stabilizer, used in lubricants and petroleum oils as anti-oxidant.

TNPP is a suitable for diverse elastomers such as SBR, NBR and SIS. It is highly effective in light colored solution and emulsion polymerized elastomers. TNPP is excellent in preventing buildup, viscosity increase and retention of track adhesive. it prevents yellowing to synthetic rubbers and ABS plastics during the process of heat. It is effective process stabilizer for thermoplastic polymers such as polyaster, polyethylene and polypropylene.


Parameters TNPP
Structure (C9H19 C6H4 O)3 P
CAS No (26523 – 78 – 4)
Category Antioxidant, Stabilizer, Chelators
Form Clear, pale yellow viscous liquid
Color Apha 75 Max
Specific gravity at 25 °C 0.985 – 0.996
Acidic Value, mg KOH / gm 0.5 max
Refractive Index at 25 °C 1.526 – 1.530
Phosphorous Content % 3.9 – 4.3