Styrenated Phenol

Styrenated Phenol

Styrenated Phenol (SP) is a clear, yellow, viscous liquid and is supplied in 3 grades Mono, Di or Tri styrenated phenol.

It is a non-staining and non-discoloring anti-oxidant for dry rubber and latex compounds.

It acts as a stabilizer in polymers in combination with other phosphite or phenolic anti-oxidants.

SP particularly finds use in white and colored rubber. The rubber articles that use Styrenated phenol are Hawaii Sheets and Straps, Rubber tubing, Conveyor belt covers and latex dipped products (such as industrial gloves, surgical gloves, feeding bottle teat). Other products such as balloons, hot water bottles, injection bottle caps, rubber rollers and Footwear related items (such as Micro cellular sheets, Resin rubber sling, Canvas upper shoe) use Styrenated Phenol.

SP emulsion is used in the manufacture of latex foam, latex sprays for coir treatment (Coir foams).

SP can be ethoxylated using Ethylene oxide. The ethoxylated SP finds use as an emulsifier in the pesticide industry.


Properties Grade Grade Grade
1:1 2:1 3:1
Form Clear, pale yellowviscous liquid Clear, pale yellowviscous liquid Clear pale yellowviscous liquid
Sp. Gravityat 30°C 1.07 – 1.08 1.07 – 1.08 1.07 – 1.08
Solubility in Methanol Soluble Soluble Soluble
Hydroxyl value 280 – 290 180 – 190 130 – 140
Molecular Weight 200 – 210 300 – 310 370 – 400
Acid Value, mg KOH/gm 0.7 max 0.7 max 0.7 max