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Tri Phenyl Phosphite (TPP)

Tri Phenyl Phosphite (TPP) is a clear liquid, used as a performance additive to improve the colour and clarity of alkyd resin, unsaturated polyester resin and various industrial oils during their manufacture.

Tri CresyI Phosphate (TCP)

TricresyI Phosphate (TCP), also called tricresylphosphate, tritolyl phosphate, tolyl phosphate, or tri-o-tolyl ester of phosphoric acid, is an organic compound, an organophosphate, an ester of phosphoric acid.

Styrenated Phenol (SP)

Styrenated Phenol (SP) is a clear, yellow, viscous liquid and is supplied in 3 grades Mono, Di or Tri styrenated phenol.

Tri Nonyl Phenyl Phosphite (TNPP)

Tri Nonyl phenyl phosphite is a clear viscous hydrolytically stable liquid. It is used as an anti-oxidant for various types of polymers, especially in non-toxic applications such as PVC bottles, food wrapping, sealing gaskets for food containers etc.


We Providing Best Solutions
Adishank is emerging as one of the most significant players in the specialty chemicals field in India.

Adishank is emerging as one of the most significant players in the specialty chemicals field in India. Engaged in the development and manufacture of a wide range of specialty chemicals and additives for Surface Coating, Polymer and Pharmaceutical Industry. The company is committed to delivering the highest quality specialty chemicals to fulfill industry specific needs.

It is this unwavering philosophy of the dedicated promoters that continues to drive Adishank's business decisions. Highly qualified and experienced in the area of Technology / Finance and Administration respectively, the promoters belief in paying close heed to the changing needs of customers and their businesses has paid off rich dividends, especially for the benefit of its clients.

The management team of Adishank has vast experience in the chemical industry, enabling the company to offer optimal pricing and efficient solutions for our customers. This dedicated team ensures a continuous, timely supply of quality products, thereby generating considerable goodwill and building excellent business relationships all over India.


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Mr. Amit

Chemical Engineer With More Than 30 Years Experience In The Chemical Industry
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Mrs. Felie

Commerce Graduate With A Vast (35+ Years) Experience in International Trade
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Mr. Khamir

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
A Qualified Chemical Engineer With A Masters In Finance, He Brings In The Young And Dynamic Side To The Company